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Everything from concept, ideas, drafts, graphic design, audio editing, mastering, video production, video editing, cutting to product management and marketing combined with a strong urge for efficient and open-minded workflow within my team.

Clients include die ärzte, Rammstein, Bela B, a-ha, Placebo, Wanda, Enigma, Airbourne, Alphaville, Stella Maris Olive Oil, Emigrate, Alexa Feser, Farin Urlaub, Dúné, Hanan Rubinstein, Iced Earth, Sons of Liberty, Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal Music, Hot Action Records GmbH, KKT, Gibson Guitar and many more.


Die Ärzte: NUMMUS CECIDIT (Album, 2022)

Released on world’s first 11-inch LP, on multi-coloured MC and good old CD. I took care of the layout, graphic design, retail concept and manufacturing. We’ve actually produced a regular 12-inch record and had a vinyl expert from south Germany cutting every single one of it.

Farin Urlaub: Berliner Schule (Album, 2017)

This was a fantastic project for which I took care of the cover photo shoot, audio editing, mastering, graphic design, product management and marketing. Peaked #5 in German Album Charts.


die ärzte Tour Artwork „Berlin Tour MMXXI“
die ärzte Tour Artwork „Buffalo Bill in Rom Tour 2022“


A selection of various recent videos I was involved (details below each video).

Idea, realization and project lead
Idea, Concept, Filming, Editing & Cutting
Idea, Concept, Editing & Cutting
Idea, Conception, Filming & Editing
Idea, Conception, Filming & Editing
Idea, Production, Editing & Cutting
Lyric Video Editing, Cutting
Trailer Editing, Cutting
Trailer Editing & Cutting
Editing & Cutting



In 2021, we’ve relaunched the official website for „Die Ärzte“. We’ve implemented an „Zombie Invasion“ button for which I’ve designed 30 different pixilated zombi GIFs which were limping across the screen until you couldn’t figure out the content anymore.

Screenshot of the limpin‘ undead

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