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Restaurant critic & travel blogger. Writing about and taking pictures and videos of food, people, animals and culture in more than 60 travel destinations since 2016 including Japan, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mexico, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Nepal, Bhutan, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Georgia, Armenia, Spain, France, USA, Israel and many more.

Clients include Germany’s most influencial blogs and social media outlets for food („Sternefresser“) and travels („Viel Unterwegs“) as well as physical media like „Effilee“ and „Diamir“.

Latest articles (2023 & 2024)

Restaurant review: Mezzaluna**, Bangkok
Restaurant review: Julemont**, Netherlands

Travel: Nepal, Bhutan & India
Travel: Spitzbergen


Reels and photo campaigns for various media outlets in fields of traveling, food & music.


Creating comprehend artworks for the music industry (touring & releases) for bands like „a-ha“, „Alexa Feser“ and „Die Ärzte“ (among the top3 of Germany’s biggest rock bands of all time).

die ärzte Tour Artwork „Berlin Tour MMXXI“
die ärzte Tour Artwork „Buffalo Bill in Rom Tour 2022“
Idea, design & product management for the world’s very first 11inch vinyl


Contributing ideas, conception, creation & distribution for artists in contexts of release campaigns.

Idea, realization and project lead: Reaching 11 million people within 30 seconds on German’s biggest prime time news show.
Idea, Concept, Filming, Editing & Cutting
Idea, Concept, Editing & Cutting
Idea, Conception, Filming & Editing
Idea, Conception, Filming & Editing
Idea, Production, Editing & Cutting
Lyric Video Editing, Cutting
Filming, Editing, Cutting, Release
Trailer Editing, Cutting
Trailer Editing & Cutting
Editing & Cutting


2018, right before Corona hit the live music industry, I came up with and created a free iOS and Android app for „die ärzte“ which is meant to prepare the fans for upcoming shows: „Die Die Ärzte Concert App“.

It was also a great vehicle for surprising the audience with a complete new song of the band after nearly 8 years of silence.

Six years before I’ve launched two other apps which hit the Apple App Charts #3 and #2 („DÄ & DU“, „Die Die Ärzte Äpp“) as well as their digital chord songbook app in collaboration with Bosworth music.

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